Back with a Vengeance…

Long time no update…But now we have a huge one for you.

First: We are ready to release into the wild (in a physical format), the newest album from Austin, TX’s Zlam Dunk.  It’s entitled ‘Balcones’ and we couldn’t be more excited to be putting this record out.  We here at Mission Social Club were first introduced to Zlam Dunk at SXSW 2K11.  After not being able to stop listening to their last self-released album, ‘Noble Ancestory,’ (Pick It Up Here!) the boys, I mean men, of Zlam Dunk were gracious enough to let us give the new album the vinyl treatment.  Not only does this album pick right up where ‘Noble Ancestory’ left off, but matured in guitar composition and tracks leading towards the more melodic. Check out the Zlam Bandcamp if you wanna preview some of the record and listen to their first “Nobel Ancestory.” The records are now available in the store and will be shipping at the end of this week.

Next up: Shorty into the year we were approached by Brian Moss about his new project Great Apes.  Great Apes features members of Drowning With Our Anchors, Monster Squad, Build Us Airplanes & The Landlords.  They are putting forth 2 amazing tracks for a split record with Daikon out of San Jose, CA.  We are excited to have All In Vinyl sharing this release with us. It’s always nice to have friends to share records with. We will have test pressings of these records soon so keep checking back as to when they will go up.

Finally: We are extremely humbled to announce that we will take part in releasing a split record between San Francisco’s Hanalei and Chicago’s own Sundowner.  As originally announced by Sell The Heart Records out of Santa Rosa, CA, we will be doing a split release which will be out this summer. Details to come on this, but I assure you it will be worth the little wait.

As you can see we’re quite busy over here at Mission Social Club, and although it’s been light on updates lately, expect them to keep coming as we line up even more releases. 


Chris & Bryan

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to Mission Social Club. We’re proud to present our first release on vinyl, Ridgemont’s “Colder Days” LP.  Mission Social Club is a way for us to take the music that we are listening to from the most passionate people making that music and get it out there. Be it from friends bands, bands on the other side of the US, or anywhere else that people are coming together to create something that needs to be heard. 

It’s just two of us here at Mission Social Club. Myself (Bryan) and my brother Chris. Our sister label Swagger City Records is run by Chris and his two friends Mike and Katie. After putting out numerous records by four amazing bands Chris and I decided to start a new venture that is focusing on a different set of projects. Putting our efforts on releasing the music we crave on vinyl and also for digital downloads. 

When we first ran across Ridgemont about six months ago we just couldn’t shake the sound. Listening to it over and over again from our headphones to our speakers we just couldn’t get it out of our heads. After talking with Max we pulled the trigger, put shit down on paper, and start to hammer out the details splitting the pressing three ways with Kiss Of Death and Mindless Records. From the slick riffs to the crashing drums we still can’t seem to take the needle off the record except to start it over again. 

Make your over to the Webstore to check it out. More website updates and Twitter posts to come. So stay tuned and keep your ears open.